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ATA, ASD and AIA to Collaborate on Technical Data Standards

Washington, June 28, 2005 - The Air Transport Association of America, Inc. (ATA), Aerospace & Defense Industries Association of Europe (ASD) and Aerospace Industries Association of America, Inc. (AIA) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to collaborate on the development of next-generation technical publication standards for aviation maintenance. The goal is to incorporate commercial aviation requirements into ASD/AIA S1000D, which has traditionally been a military standard for technical publications. This will establish a single next-generation specification for both military and commercial aviation industries. Among other benefits, this should reduce the time to develop next-generation standards and will align military and commercial requirements into a single global specification for aviation.

A joint development team has begun the process of mapping commercial requirements to the existing specification to identify gaps and develop a detailed project plan. This will provide the technical foundation for a more detailed agreement that will replace the MOU by May 2006. The role of this team will include the development of specific goals and objectives throughout the year to help ensure the value and success of the effort. It is expected that all parties will work aggressively to make the collaboration successful. However, a strategy will be developed in the event that collaboration is not possible and commercial and military standards need to diverge.

Moving forward, ATA and its international e-business community will continue to play a critical role as the conduit for commercial requirements into S1000D. Additionally, ATA iSpec 2200, Information Standards for Aviation Maintenance will continue to be maintained and published by ATA as required by the commercial aviation community.

For more information about the ATA e-Business program, contact ATA at admin@ataebiz.org, or visit our web site at www.ataebiz.org.

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