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ATA 2004 Publications CD-ROM (Available Now)

Washington, May 25, 2004 - The new 2004 ATA Publications CD-ROM is now available for order online at: www.airlines.org/publications. The CD-ROM contains industry specifications and guidelines, and includes six revised publications (iSPEC2200, Spec 2000, Spec 103, AECMA Guide, CSDD and Data Model), a new publication (Airport Fuel Facility Operations and Maintenance Guidance Manual), plus eight additional publications. All CD-ROM titles include:
  • Spec 2000 - E-Business Specification for Materiels Management (Revised)
  • ATA iSpec 2200 - Information Standards for Aviation Maintenance (Revised)
  • ATA Data Model - Data and Process Models for Integrated Data Environments (Revised)
  • CSDD - Common Support Data Dictionary (Revised)
  • AECMA Simplified English - Guide for the Preparation of Aircraft Maint. Documentation (Revised)
  • World Airlines & Suppliers Guide - Guidelines for Common Materiel Management Practices
  • Spec 300 - Specification for Packaging of Airline Supplies
  • ATA Airport Fuel Facility Operations and Maintenance Guidance Manual (New)
  • The Airline Handbook - An overview of the history, structure, economics and operations of the airline industry.
  • MSG-3 - Operator/Manufacturer Scheduled Maintenance Development
  • Spec 103 - Standards for Jet Fuel Quality Control at Airports (Revised)
  • Spec 104 - Guidelines for Aircraft Maintenance Training
  • Spec 105 - Guidelines for Training & Qualifying Personnel in Non-Destructive Testing Methods
  • Spec 106 - Sources & Approved Parts Qualification Guidelines
  • What is ATA
For more information, visit www.airlines.org/publications.

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