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Global Aviation RFID Forum

Washington, May 18, 2004 - Airbus and Boeing are sponsoring a series of symposiums to promote standards for utilizing global Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for the marking of aircraft parts and components on commercial airplanes. Both Airbus and Boeing support SPEC 2000 automated identification and data capture guidelines (www.spec2000.com) that are published by the Air Transport Association, Inc. The events will offer detailed background information on recently completed in-service evaluations of RFID technology and will address industry concerns such as interference, certification, and standards.

"This technology offers the aviation industry many proven benefits, with the ultimate objective being continued safety, airworthiness and operational efficiencies for commercial airplanes," Kenneth Porad, RFID program leader for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, said. "By working together, Boeing and Airbus benefit by avoiding conflicting requirements with mutual customers and suppliers."

RFID involves 'smart label' identification tags installed throughout an airplane that store data including part and serial numbers, manufacturer codes, country of origin, date of installation and maintenance and inspection information. The tags contain a microchip and antenna and offer significant advantages over similar technologies, including no line-of-sight requirement for data transmission and a dynamic read/write capability.

The forums are June 8-9 in Atlanta, August 10-11 in Hong Kong, and October 19-20 in Munich. Participants will include airlines, aviation suppliers, regulatory agencies and third-party maintenance providers.

For complete details and to register for any of the forums, please visit: http://www.globalaviationrfidforum.com.

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