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Electronic 8130-3 Effort

Washington, September 26,2003 - ATA has launched a new initiative to develop an industry specification to enable the electronic creation, transmission and storage of regulatory documentation for aircraft product and parts. The initial scope of the project will include data currently associated with FAA Form 8130-3/JAA Form One/TC 24-0078 (Authorized Release Certificate/Airworthiness Approval Tag).

Use of electronic formats for transmittal of regulatory documentation can significantly improve the security, reliability, consistency and timeliness of the data over the traditional paper-based process. Access can be tightly controlled through the use of readily available technologies, ensuring data integrity and accuracy.

Through the use of standardized data formats, variations in how information is described can be significantly reduced. Operators, manufacturers and regulatory authorities can all be assured of consistent and reliable data, avoiding costly mistakes and rework. Electronic transmittal methods help ensure that the data is available when it is needed.

In the spring of 2003, ATA incorporated the Electronic 8130-3 tag project into ATA's e-Business program, taking advantage of ATA's unique and longstanding e-business development infrastructure and large suite of aircraft part related specifications.

In July 2003, ATA hosted the kickoff meeting for this project under the management of the new Spec 2000 Electronic Documentation Task Force. ATA was able to leverage its position as the industry's recognized e-business standards body to attract significant participation in the project. Twenty-one leading industry organizations participated, including 17 representatives from 11 airlines, 5 industry associations, and 4 major aerospace manufacturers.

The objective of the task force is to develop an industry-standard specification and a recommendation to the regulatory authorities that encompass the business processes and rules, data elements and properties, data interchange requirements, and digital signature controls necessary for the secure and reliable electronic exchange of airworthiness data in accordance with applicable aviation regulations.

The ATA electronic 8130-3/Form One/4-0078 initiative is the first step in an industry-led movement to improve the process, reliability, consistency and security for providing aircraft product and parts regulatory documentation; and is one more component in the suite of ATA specifications for the design, production and maintenance of aircraft and engine components. For more information, or to join the team working on this exciting and important project, contact the ATA e-business department at admin@ataebiz.org.

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