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Airlines Use FTP Service

As airlines continue to search for cost-saving processes, many have already begun to use the file transfer protocol (FTP) service to receive their batch output from the ATA Aviation Marketplace. While some airlines still rely on physical media (CDs, magnetic tapes, cartridges, etc.) the FTP service offers a variety of benefits including quicker availability of pricing information, reduced shipping charges, and more efficient processes. More importantly, there is no additional cost. FTP costs no more than the usual monthly output on physical media.

Using FTP is easy. Instead of waiting approximately ten days between the suppliers' input deadline date and the airlines' output shipment date, the airline receives an e-mail that says output is available for download, with a link to initiate process. In some cases, the new information is available on the same day as the suppliers' input deadline date.

"It works very well," said Finnair Technical Services Manager of ERP Support Jani Kilpi, one of the early adopters. "The download has worked flawlessly and our internal processing time has been reduced by weeks."

"For Qantas Airways, our buyers appreciate the timely information for correct placement of purchase orders," said Principal Analyst - Data Base Integrity David Vickery. "The fewer order exceptions we receive relating to pricing discrepancies obviously impacts our business in regards to greater productivity and a decrease in order placement date vs. receipt date."

The Spec 2000 team would be happy to help you transition to FTP. Feel free to contact us at support@Spec2000.com to learn more.

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