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The Air Transport Association (ATA) invites you to attend the aviation industry's most exciting and comprehensive conference on e-business. This educational forum will help you understand the capabilities and benefits of the aviation industry's most heavily used e-commerce system, Spec 2000. Widely used by the world's airlines and suppliers, the system has served the industry for more than 40 years and has evolved to embrace the latest technological advances in information exchange. By streamlining business processes and reducing administrative costs, Spec 2000 has grown to become the backbone of the aviation industry's current e-business processes. As a result, the industry has attributed significant operational efficiencies and cost savings to the Spec 2000 system.

The forum will cover a wide range of e-business topics including:
E-Commerce Standards
New XML Standards
ATA Aviation Marketplace
Permanent Part Marking (Bar Code ID and RFID)
Aircraft Reliability Data Collection
Warranty Claims Processing
Repair Order Administration
Flight Operations Data
Technical Data Standards
Provisioning Standards
and much more...
This Forum offers access to numerous aviation e-business experts that can help guide you through the many options and solutions available today. If your company is interested in embracing any component of e-business, this is an event you don't want to miss... more >>

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