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Spec 2000 XML Standards Published

The Air Transport Association (ATA) E-Business Department is pleased to announce the publication of its Spec 2000/XML standards. Released in April 2002, Appendix 10, Spec 2000/XML Representations, provides a means of bridging legacy technology to Internet capabilities for the commercial and military aviation industry. Development of these standards extends the reach of Spec 2000 to allow trading partners to exchange information and conduct e-business over the Internet.

Authorized by the ATA Spec 2000 Coordinating Group, the XML Task Force met throughout 2001 to develop XML representations of the most commonly used Spec 2000 messages and commands. The use of text element identifiers (TEI) as a markup language tag permits conversion of Spec 2000 information into XML DTDs. The similarity of TEIs and markup language tags made it possible to develop XML representations of existing messages without any change to format, structure or Spec 2000 business rules. Additionally, it provides for the development of translation services that will link all trading partners, regardless of their preferred standard (Spec 2000, XML, EDIFACT or X12).

XML representations are available for Spec 2000 transactions for Price Catalogs, Order Administration, Invoicing, and Repair Order Administration. Future development of additional Spec 2000/XML messages is under consideration by the Spec 2000 Coordinating Group.

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