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Chapter 5 of Spec 2000 outlines an industry data exchange standard and reporting procedures for the following two items:
Inventory Consumption Data Exchange outlines the methods for inventory and consumption data to be supplied by the customer to the supplier. The supplier then collects the data from participating customers, analyzes the data to arrive at its own forecast for future spares requirements and returns data on usage to the airline. The consumption data exchange activity is transmitted monthly from the customer to the supplier. This data is based on actual flight hours and cycles and projected for the period under review.
Performance Reporting allows the supplier to report the customer's performance in placing short-cycle orders. It also allows the airline to report the supplier's performance in delivering orders within quoted lead times. The performance report details the supplier performance by reporting the percentage of items shipped within lead time, shipped early of lead time and beyond lead time. Performance for the customer is measured by the number of items ordered short of lead time. The report is provided on a quarterly basis.
This portion of the specification provides the information to optimize the spare-parts inventory of both supplier and customer. It improves material availability to the customer and identifies items that justify further investigation. This assists in improving the quality of the data being exchanged, allows better utilization of all available material worldwide and helps avoid the growth of surplus quantities. It also assists in the orderly and economic introduction of modifications.

Getting Started
To implement a Spec 2000 Inventory Consumption Data Exchange or Performance Reporting system: Contact the software providers of your choice, to learn about their capabilities, technical requirements, special features and prices.

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