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E-commerce Standards enable airlines and their trading partners to fully automate the buying and selling process for aircraft parts and repair services. These voluntary specifications provide the formats, data structure and rules for exchanging electronic purchase orders, requests for quotes, shipping messages, invoices, repair orders, warranty claims and much more. Today, the overwhelming majority of spares parts orders are placed using Spec 2000 E-Commerce Standards with most major airlines and suppliers handling 60 to 90 percent of their orders electronically. Numerous third-party software products and services are available to make implementation quick and easy.

In the past decade, we have seen that the traditional Spec 2000 format has been adapted to other EDI standards, such as ANSI-X12 and UN/EDIFACT; all three EDI standards are in use today. In the 21st century, the fast-changing technical demands of conducting business over the Internet now require further adaptation to XML-based information architecture. To meet these needs, XML Representations for many of the Spec 2000 commands have already been written and published for industry use. Although Spec 2000 transactions are traditionally exchanged over the ARINC/SITA networks, these new XML representations will enable trading partners to extend their reach to trading partners on the Internet.

Spec 2000 E-Commerce Standards are broadly accepted and deeply embedded in today's e-procurement systems. They are the collaborative effort of twelve aviation associations and are well suited to support current business methods, as well as emerging ones, for the aviation industry.

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XML Representations

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