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Over the past 25 years, the ATA Aviation Marketplace has evolved into the airline industry's most trusted third-party distributor of up-to-date part pricing information and surplus availability, enabling e-commerce between the world's major airlines and their suppliers. With more than six million records, the Marketplace provides a centralized solution for validating and aggregating aircraft part data from 145 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers and distributing cleansed and customized data to 69 airlines and 55 non-airline customers worldwide. The value to airlines is primarily derived from having a single, ready, reliable and consistent data feed into their back-office procurement systems, enabling automated, error-free and direct order administration with suppliers. The ATA Aviation Marketplace (formerly known as the Spec 2000 Databases), primarily consists of two database services:
These databases allow companies to list their new and used products on a central file, which is accessed primarily by the world's airlines. Whether buying or selling parts, the system provides a simple, fast, dependable method to streamline the procurement process. Participants report significant annual savings by purchasing needed parts and services from the system, and recognize similar revenues through sales of their own products.


End users can access the data via the Web, FTP or physical media exchange (CD-ROM, IBM cartridges). Data can be uploaded/downloaded via routine processing or on-demand. An average of 2 million update records are uploaded to the databases each month, and approximately 48 million records are distributed each month to end users. Strict security measures ensure that a supplier's pricing information is protected from unauthorized access and manipulation.

Seller Benefits
  • Gain access to new airline customers
  • Establish a presence within the industry’s primary source database
  • Provide one central source for updated prices/availability
  • Eliminate the need to produce hardcopy sales catalogs
  • Access from multiple Internet connections, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Support your customers in their preferred formats
Buyer Benefits
  • Access millions of records from one source/interface
  • Acquire up-to-date price and lead time information for e-commerce transactions
  • Consolidated, pre-validated data load files, facilitating updating of your internal procurement databases
  • Find critical parts in seconds
  • Discover new sources of parts
  • Access real time pricing and inventory (coming soon)
Special Features
  • 60-Day limited trial period
  • Simple sign up process
  • Viewing rights process allows suppliers to allow/deny access to Marketplace customers
  • Model of applicability (MOAs) codes allow airlines to filter out part records that that do not pertain their fleet
  • Broadcast messaging (for RFQs, special sale items, special needs)
  • Advanced search filters for: Part Number, Keyword, Supplier, Manufacturer, Aircraft System, Last Updated On/After/Before or Between Specified Dates, Model of Applicability
  • Include up to 10 parts in a single interactive inquiry
  • View both database responses in either a combined or database-specific list
  • Secure authentication - utilize a fixed IP address or digital certificates
  • Improved Help System, including on-line context sensitive help
  • One flat fee for unlimited access and unlimited users
  • Access from multiple Internet connections, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
New Features

The ATA Aviation Marketplace was completely redeveloped in 2013. New features include:

  • A completely redesigned user interface
  • Improved data translation capabilities, including Excel, CSV and XML input and output options
  • Web services and XML interfaces for more real-time information exchange
  • Customized subsets of supplier data to airlines
  • Improved options for providing special supplier pricing to their customers
  • No client downloads required
  • A variety of new query capabilities allowing advanced search and save of search results in a variety of formats
  • Additional capabilities to assign privileges to different users within your organization

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