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Created by the airline industry to revolutionize the multi-billion dollar aviation parts business, Spec 2000 is a comprehensive set of e-Business specifications, products and services that are designed to overcome challenges that have plagued the industry's supply chain for decades. Widely used by the world's airlines and suppliers, the system has served the industry for more than 40 years and has evolved to embrace the latest technological advances in information exchange. By streamlining business processes and reducing administrative costs, Spec 2000 has grown to become the backbone of the aviation industry's current e-business processes. As a result, the industry has attributed significant operational efficiencies and cost savings to the Spec 2000 system. As more trading partners embrace it, the system becomes increasingly more efficient and effective.

Administered by the ATA e-Business Program, Spec 2000 is the product of 12 international industry associations representing airlines, manufacturers, suppliers and repair agencies. The primary goal is to provide cost-effective, state-of-the-art methods for information exchange that are usable by the widest possible population of companies. Today the system includes four types of information exchange:

  1. ATA Aviation Marketplace
  2. E-Commerce Standards
  3. File Standards
  4. Bar Coding Standards
Collectively, these four components comprise the Spec 2000 e-business system. The system is specifically tailored to the airline industry's needs for procurement and repair transactions for aircraft maintenance, and is recognized as the industry standard by a long list of participants worldwide. Your company may be in the process of deciding whether, or when, to embrace e-business. Time and money savings can depend upon current costs and structure of your internal administrative and operational processes. However, you cannot assign a tangible dollar value to the advantage of staying competitive within an industry. Sometimes you must respond to a request from a trading partner to embrace new e-business methods. Consider the following positive results in your analysis:

  • Reduced inventory holdings due to electronic ordering
  • Single electronic price catalog vs. many paper catalogs
  • Reduced administrative time for exchange of business data
  • Fewer telephone calls, faxes, paper forms, handling and postage
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Reduced lead time from streamlined electronic ordering and invoice management
  • Additional utilization of existing internal data processing systems
  • Reduced processing costs of electronic vs. paper documents
  • Common method for interfacing with many trading partners
  • Improved traceability of serialized parts and part shipments
  • Improved airline configuration control
This Web site can help you understand and proceed with the specific tactical activities needed to implement one or several portions of the Spec 2000 system. In addition, the annual ATA e-Business Forum provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the system, meet key industry players and view the latest e-business products and services.

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